sábado, 14 de maio de 2011


Hello friends,

http://www.real-english.com is an interesting web site to practise and improve your english,
so I recommend you to visit it and do 2 exercises: (Click on "1 - Come here and choose a lesson. "
on the home page to see the activities).
1º : Do the "Lesson 1" about greetings and what's your name?
2º : Do the "Lesson 2" about nacionalities.

After doing the activities and watching the videos , write comments about the site and also the lessons.
Don't forget to write your names in your comments.
Have fun!!!

16 comentários:

  1. activity very interesting because it helps us to train the pronunciation with videos where we can listen and try to follow also know the grammar aluna Carolina Santos

  2. I really liked the blog!
    The exercises are very good.It's Encourage the pronunciation and improve the write and the listen.

    Jucilene Freitas.

  3. LAÍS SANTANA SANTOS19 de maio de 2011 09:51

    Very good! I liked of site!So long, my teacher e my friends!!!!

  4. Hello
    This blog will be very useful for us to maintain contact outside the school day attendance.
    the videos are cool, but I prefer their lessons teacher.
    Until Saturday staff.


  5. Reinan:
    The site is interesting,the exercises works both vocabulary as pronunciation by the video.

  6. Hello!
    My name is Andrea.
    The Blog is a good vehicle of communication!
    The exercises are good and very liked to be able to hear my proper voice.

  7. Hello!
    My name is Laís Silva Sousa
    The site is very interesting and the videos are quite entertaining and very well explained. You are approved!

  8. hello!!!my name Gildomar Santos.the blog is interesting and is a good channel for learning.

  9. Alexandre N. Cruz20 de maio de 2011 19:57

    ...to forty-five minutes the second time!!!!

    The activity is great to train the pronounce and excellent to fixation.
    I believe that blog will help the guys.
    Congratulation by act.
    See you tomorrow.

  10. Really be interesting the exercises. Facilitate in the learning. (Marx Iuri)

  11. ow pega!! todo mundo falando em inglês já! kkkkkkkkk bom vim aqui postar o link do CD de Audio passado pelo professor Rogério: http://www.4shared.com/file/2859tv-l/Audio_do_curso_bsico_do_DCE.html abração ae!

  12. o link acima parece não estar "clicável" mas basta copiar a url e colar no seu navegador que vai! ^^

  13. Professor, acho mais interessante criar um novo post com o link! kkkkkk xD

  14. I liked the activities. They are very interesting